What to expect when you visit

Our helpful reception staff will greet you when you arrive and ask for your doctor’s referral, and your Medicare, health care or pension cards. You’ll then be asked to take a seat in the waiting room until one of our staff calls your name and takes you through for your x-ray or other imaging test. If you’re having a procedure you might be taken to a more private area for further discussion about your test.

For general x-rays no appointment is required, but all other tests require an appointment. If you notice that someone who arrived after you is called in before you, he or she is probably having a different test to you or an earlier appointment.

If you have had to fill your bladder for an ultrasound, please advice our reception staff if you are feeling too uncomfortable, or feel you might have to empty your bladder very soon. While we make every attempt to avoid delays, occasionally we might have to make allowances for urgent cases and this could cause unintended delays for other patients and appointments. 

At South Coast Radiology, we are committed to efficiency while maintaining compassionate and supportive care. We’ll make every effort to make sure that patients remain comfortable during their time with us and that your results are sent back to your doctor as required.